Scheiber Design Group

Our Team

Scheiber Design Group is a full-service interior design firm in San Francisco offering interior decorating and interior architecture throughout the Bay Area (including Marin, Napa, and Sonoma) and Southern California.


Annette Zavala | Principal

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Annette brings a passion for global influences and a keen understanding of quintessential California style to each project she completes at Scheiber Design Group.  After receiving her B.A. in Interior Design, Annette began working with SDG Founder Daen Scheiber, drawing inspiration from his casual sensibility and timeless aesthetic. The collaboration resulted in many successful projects and in 2011, she was invited to become a partner of SDG along with Billy Alexander.  

Annette began her career in business but was always drawn to more creative fields like fashion and design. Her experience living in New York and London inspired a true admiration for classic architecture and art. When designing, Annette seeks to juxtapose antiques, vintage finds, and contemporary furnishings for a look that is at once old and new. “For me, the magic in a room comes when you combine different influences.  Being surrounded by things you love is most important—the designer’s job is to pull them all together with panache!” Her goal with every project is to create a home that is a true extension of its inhabitants where her client’s personality and family are at the forefront of the design.

When not designing, Annette enjoys visiting her local farmer’s market, entertaining family and friends, and spending time with her two pups, Snoop and George.


Billy Alexander | Principal

Billy Alexander has built a reputation as an interior designer who is energetic, easy and fun to work with.

“Interior design is not a job, it’s my passion”, notes Billy. “Designing a home for someone is such a personal endeavor and I care about those custom details that bring something meaningful to each project. I travel quite frequently and visiting new places and cultures is very inspiring. I’m a collector at heart and love finding unique and authentic furnishings that I incorporate into my designs.”

“Although I enjoy all the places I’ve been, I always look forward to coming home, where I am surrounded by all the things that I love- a true retreat for my family. This is what I strive for with all of my client’s- to create a home where they can recharge.”

Billy credits celebrated San Francisco designer and SDG founder, Daen Scheiber, for his early success. “The design principles that Daen imparted to me gave me a great foundation for my career. Daen was the most generous teacher and his mentorship was better than any graduate degree.”

Before joining SDG, Billy studied textile design at Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science and worked for Danish apparel company Inwear/ Matinique.

After joining Scheiber Design Group in 2000, Billy was named partner in 2011.

Billy lives in an Eichler home in Marin County, California with his partner and motley crew of dogs.